2018 Club Day - Sunday, June 3

(updated 6/1/18)

Mark your calendars for a fun-filled day of water polo for all Summer Session registered athletes and families. Updated Club Day information will be posted below as it becomes available.

Activities currently include:
- Senior Recognition
- Team Suits and T-Shirts distribution
- Parent Chalk Talk
- Club Premier League Games
- Parents vs Kids Game
- Catered BBQ (no cost for athletes, additional charge for parents/families that would like to join)
- Silent Auction
- Raffle

Club Day Timeline
8:15 am: Athlete check-in and summer suit/t-shirt pick up. Silent Auction Opens.
9:30 am-12:00 pm: Club Premier League Competitions. Parent Chalk Talk.
12:00 pm-1:00 pm: Parents vs. Kids Game.
1:00-2:00 pm: Senior Recognition, Catered BBQ and Club Raffle in The Grove. Silent Auction Closes.

In addition to being a great chance for athletes, parents and coaches to get together, Club Day will also be an opportunity for families to provide much needed funding to Stanford WPC to support our coaches. Stanford WPC has grown and prospered because we have attracted the best coaches in the area. Our coaches have a deep passion for teaching and the sport of water polo, and as a result, spend countless hours working with our athletes on the pool deck. In order to continue supporting their coaching, and in turn help strengthen Stanford WPC, it is important to provide additional financial support. To that end, Stanford WPC families have a great opportunity to provide just that support with Club Day, by participating in the following:

Club Day Underwriting: Another way to help support Stanford WPC and its coaches is to underwrite a portion of the Club Day costs. If you are interested in providing underwriting funds, please use the Paypal link below.

Silent Auction: Club families will have the opportunity to bid on terrific items. We welcome and appreciate any other items that families are willing to donate (e.g. Stanford, Giants, 49er or Warrior tickets, access to a vacation home, etc.) Please contact John Geschke (email).

Club Day Underwriting Donation
Enter Name

Catered BBQ: Following the day's festivities in the water, we will head over to Jimmy V's where we will enjoy music, food, and raffle off great prizes. BBQ will be provided for all Summer Session registered athletes. Parents/families interested in joining the catered BBQ must purchase their meals in advance ($15 per person) via Paypal below.

All additional orders must be placed by Wednesday, May 30.

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Silent Auction Prizes: Along with Underwriting Donations another way to support the fundraising effort is to bid on some of our great silent auction items. The Silent Auction Items will be on display and open for bidding as soon as you arrive in the morning and will include 49er, Giants and Stanford Football Tickets, Golf Outings, TeirOne Sport Performance Workshop, Water Polo & Swim Clinics, Sign Up Parties, and more.

Raffle Prizes: Kap 7 Water Polo Ball, Mikasa Training Ball, Tony Azevedo Autographed Trading Card, Team Shop Credits, and 2018 Summer Session Dues.

*Raffle winners must be present at the time of the drawing to claim prize.

Club Day Athlete Confirmation

Thank you to the following families for confirming their attendance at this year's Club Day. If you do not see your name on the list please CLICK HERE to RSVP by Tuesday, May 29.

Athlete Name
Athlete Name
Athlete Name

Aksoy, Berk
Affeld, Jordan
Agarwal, Vedant
Aksoy, Berk
Alistar, Razvan
Angelov, Martin
Averbuck, Redmond
Babel, Ethan
Bachler, Luke
Baldwin, Henry
Ballack, Kyle
Barman, Charles
Barnett, Hunter
Barry, John
Bessoudo, Sebastian
Bhatia, Niko
Bistrain, Kyle
Blecherman, david
Blohm, Jake
Bowers, Dylan
Box, Kevin
Bradley, Hayden
Brett, Alex
Brockett, Roger
Brush, Ethan
Bullock, Jake
Burfoot, Dylan
Burks, Connor
Burks, Tanner
Buyukbezci, Batu
Cady, Luke
Calvert, Van
Camens, Griffin
Cannestra, Dante
Capanoglu, Nuri
Carbone, Michael
Carrington, Claiborne
Caryotakis, NIkolas
Cassel, Daniel
Chan, Sebastian
Chappuis, Alexander
Cho, Kanghee
Chow, Julien
Chu, Andrew
Churukian, Andrew
Clague, Tucker
Conner, Charlie
Crum, Carl
Curley, Gavin
Deal, Tyler
deHaaff, Zachary
Discipulo, Gabe
dodson, Andrew
Dudin, Alexander
Edholm, Wolfgang
Efrat, Nadav
Eiref, Edward
Enright, Connor
Fang, Michael
Fatica, Giorgio
Ferrari, Sean
fox, caleb
Gallagher, Joseph
Galligan, Brady
Gamble, Gates
Gan, Wesley
Gani, Alexander
Garetto, Dante
Garrett, Keanu
Geschke, Miller
Gormley, Dexter
Gouchon, Paul
Grad, Oliver
Graessle, Nicholas
Haney, Jack

Haney, Roan
Harris, Nelson
Healy, Ian
Heller, Michael
Hernandez Alvarado , Orlando
Hilderbrand, Greg
hocker, rory
Hogan, Tyler
Housenbold, Noah
hove, hassen
Hu, Henry
Hughes, Mark
Ijzerman, Loic
Irwin, Isaac
Jauregui, Grant
Jergovic, Leo
Johnston, Luke
Kalberer, Andre
Karr, Ryan
Kaskade, Devon
Kaskade, Trevor
Kay, Jackson
Kazemipour , Cameron
Khaykin, Evan
Kiesling, Tommy
King, Jack
Kirincich, John
Kirincich, Luke
Kirk, Dominick
Knapp, Jackson
Kreutzkamp, Anthony
Krupitzer, Chase
Kujawa, James
Kunwar, Jayden
Kuo, Marcus
Lai, Colin
Lai, Zachary
Latif, Zayn
Lewis, Benjamin
Long, Phillip
Lozinski, Frank
MacMitchell, Connor
Mahmoud, Zayd
Mallery, Jonathan
Marco, Xavier
McAllister, David
McCann, Patrick
McGaraghan, Gus
McGaughey, Will
Mehta, Jai Vir
Mills, Andrew
Mills, Ryan
Montoya, Gabriel
Montoya, Julian
Moon, Liam
Murad, Jack
Murphy, Travis
Nasr, Elias
Nasr, Karim
Nemeth, Alexander
Nilsson, Kip
Nybo, Torsten
O'Donnell, Terence
Pageler, Jake
Pak, Hudson
Palazzolo, James
Pandey, Milan
Parrett, Theodore
Pasquesi, Theodore
Patterson, Maxwell
Pei, Jonathan
Pendolino, Zachary
Penner, Andrew
Peralta, Luca
Phillips, Thomas

Pistorino, Matthew
Plaschke, Andrew
Plaschke, James
Plaschke, John
Platerink, Lodo
Ponterio, Christopher
Portugal, William
Poulos, Joshua
Price, Griffen
Puentes, Nathan
Ramans, Benjamin
Rarick, Alex
Reinke, Jake
Reinke, Owen
Reo, David
Rethans, Anthony
Riley, Will
Robertson , David
Roeder, Zachary
Rohlen, Harrison
Rohlen, Wilkes
Roller, Nate
Roller, Tyler
Rollins, Johnny
Rosenfeld, Ari
Rossi, Mason
Rotenberg, Isaac
Sahasrabuddhe, Siddhartha
Sarimsakci , Gigo
Sauer, Archer
Scherer, Miles
Schiff, William
Scirpo, Dylan
Seshadri, Vikram
Seymour, Walker
Shrader-Suriyapa, Sebastian
Siminoff, Ben
Singh, Devan
Skinner, Colin
Smith, Gabriel
Smith, Noah
Smoot, Michael
Sonsini, Michael
Stanley, Layne
Stanley, Liam
Steil, Garrick
Stenson, Wyatt
Sutherland, Michael
Swart, William
Swinnerton, Will
Tambling, James
Thinard McLane, Hugo
Truman, Trip
Tsotadze, Alex
Tsotadze, Jake
Untrecht, Joe
Untrecht, Sam
Vale, Cole
Vargas, Sebastian
Vaughan, Duncan
Viollier, Mathias
Vort, Jack
Warmoth, Eric
Watkins, Casey
Watkins, Sonny
Weigle, Donald
Weigle, Larsen
Wilson, Blake
Winslow, Andre
Yansouni, Luc
Ybarra, Isaiah
Yeager, Isaiah
Yeager, Josiah