Stanford Water Polo Club

About Us

Our Mission
The Stanford Water Polo Club was formed to encourage boys who want to achieve their maximum individual potential in a team environment.  We provide a well-organized club program for players ranging from two-time Olympic athletes like Tony Azevedo, down to ten-year-old beginners with very little skill but lots of determination.  Prior water polo experience is not required in order to join the club.

A Successful Blend
World-class coaches, the finest stadium competition arena in the United States, tremendous parent involvement, and fun-loving, hard-working Stanford Water Polo Club players combine to create one of the greatest experiences a Bay Area youth athlete could seek.

What Differentiates Us
Former US Olympic Coach/Current Stanford Coach John Vargas sets the tone and program for the Club. Coach Vargas had tremendous success with his club program at Corona Del Mar High School in Newport Beach for nineteen years prior to coming to Stanford.

Elite athletes serve as role models for younger boys in the program. Given the opportunity to observe and talk to some of the nation’s best athletes, a young boy who joins the Stanford Water Polo Club will assimilate how great water polo players handle themselves in practices, scrimmages, and games. Our club has found that this is a powerful motivation for young boys.

The Stanford Water Polo Club has the ability to host International, National, and All-Star water polo events.

Well-organized water polo travel trips teach players to be responsible as they represent the Stanford Club on the road.

Our Workouts
The workouts teach the boys water polo techniques that can be used in high school and college.  Players learn basic passing and shooting, as well as different styles of defense and offense. Workouts are structured to progress on a skill path where more complex skills can easily be added to a foundation of knowledge as the boy ages.

Our Values
Stanford Water Polo Club offers an experience that reaches far beyond a physical fitness program.  We strive to build self-esteem, character, teamwork, and a strong work ethic, and we encourage the players to apply these values to all aspects of their lives.