Archived News

Winter 2004-2005 Session

December 5, 2004


AG-I AG-II Beginner
Andresen, David
Bishop, Scott
Butler, John
Carlton, Evan
Clark, Dylan
Cole, Ryan
Crow, Kielan
Dearborn, Benjamin
Dooley, Stuart
Goodenough, Matthew
Horsley, Hunter
Koehler, Derek
Martin, Ryan
Nibbi, Trevor
Rafter, Alex
Roller, Will
Sample, John
Smith, Peyton
Stephens, Scott
Straube, Zack
Swartz, Scott
White, Nathan
Whittam, Alex
Winterbotham, Neal
Wong, Michael

Abbott, Bobby
Ahn, Richard
Allen, Luke
Avery, Wade
Bergevin, Charlie
Broom, Christian
Burn, Nate
Cole, Kevin
Constantz, Andreas
Edwards, Dana
Fodor, Lucas
Gilbert, Michael
Guslani, Greg
Hoberg, Zachary
Hood, Simon
Hyrne, Samuel
Maggi, Stefano
Mallory, Matthew
Martin, Brendan
Martina, Matthew
McElfresh, Cameron
Miyagi, Daniel
Navarro, Evan
Nee, Kevin
Nordlinger, Harry
Reddy, Natan
Sangster, Douglas
Simon, Peter
Vitakis, Justin
Wan, Michael
Wimp, Jason
Witzke, Mark
Wright, Eric
Abbott, Matthew
Bickham, Cody
Fritsch, Emilien
Kerr, Gavin
Markwith, Quinn
Ogren, Curtis
Rosati, Corso
Rozenfeld, David
Spivack, Danny
Valentine, Colton
Weissman, Jacob
Wise, John
Znidarsic, Michael

Agramonte - Ketchum
Kim - Wishart
Arthur, Ronan
Bar-Gadda, Dave
Bausback, Ian
Bickham, Travis
Bishop, Brian
Cashin, Chad
Connors, Patrick
Cook, Gavan
Cruikshank, Scott
Deggelman, Kevin
Dickow, Drew
Dunlevie, Alex
Fletcher, Spencer
Gertridge, Kyle
Graumann, Dietrich
Griffin, Daniel
Hollyn Taub, Cullen
Holman, Geoff
Horstmeyer, Gregor
Hudnall, Matt
Hvidt, Scott
Johnson, Brandon
Johnson, Matthew
Lazar, Atilla
Ligtenberg, Arjan
MacDonell, Patrick
Mobley, Dylan
Norton, Tim
Pangrle, Cameron
Preston, Christopher
Protter, David
Read, Travis
Rengifo, Rodrigo
Rochester, Chris
Sample, Mike
Sandman, Jimmie
Schultz, Nick
Soares, Mark
Sorgenfrei, Michael
Stewart, Eric
Talbott, Patrick
Thede, Robert (Bo)
Vallone, Eric
Wigley, Douglas
Wilson, Matt
Agramonte, Will
Albright, Colin
Avery, Alex
Avery, Tom
Balassone, James
Bergevin, Luc
Brochier, Tim
Carella, Justin
Child, Andrew
Choksi, Vir
Christiansen-Salameh, Tom
Clark, Gerrard
Cole, Tom
Cooke, Michael
Empey, Tyler
Espinosa, Toby
Fielding, Stewart
Fritsch, Camille
Guslani, Ryan
Heagy, Matthew
Healy, Zachary
Hendrickson, Timothy
Hensey, Colin
Holman, Ross
Hosking, Douglas
Huang, Brian
Hudnall, Mark
Iacob, Simon
Incerpi, Ryan
Iourovitski, Dmitri
Ives, Matt
Johnson, Aaron
Jozefov, Alexander
Ketchum, Neal
Kim, Austin
Kim, Sung
Krautkramer, Tristan
Lozinski, Arthur
MacDonell, Eric
MacDonell, Patrick
Macintosh, Eric
Martin de Bustamante, Miguel
McElfresh, Duncan
McGregor, Alistair
McMillan, Ernest
Minnis, Joshua
Mullin, Tyler
Nye, Casey
Olson, Michael
Pance, Marko
Petromilli, Matthew
Platshon, Scott
Pollano, Michael
Rudolph, Paul
Runkel, John
Runkel, Robert
Sangster, Keith
Schaefer, Derek
Simon, Will
Smith, Connor
Still, Connor
Thomas, Torrey
Treiger, Alex
Trygg, Spencer
Van Zanten, Garrett
Wang, Geng
Weiler, Zachary
Wessbecher, Christof
Whitfield, Adam
Winterbotham, Paul
Wishart, Michael

December 1, 2004

Dear Athletes and Families:

Registration for the 2004/05 Stanford Water Polo Club Winter Session is closed.  We will still be accepting all athletes in the 12&Under practice groups.

To ensure the highest quality of our program, we must limit the number of participants in each practice group.  The practice teams will be announced this Friday by website posting only.  Please check by clicking on the website at 

Anyone wanting to order a team parka must send a confirmation email to Joanne Harmon (  today .  The order will be placed tomorrow am.  The color is black with red fleece inside.  The name on the back will be "STANFORD WATER POLO" in 3 inch letters.  Price includes your name custom embroidered on front (i.e. J. Smith).  This parka is water proof.  Cost $125. 

Team Clothing Shop will be available December 12th at the first Sunday's practice.  

Tickets for this weekend's NCAA tournament are going fast.  Please try to buy your tickets in advance.

We are looking forward to a tremendous session!  See you at the pool!

John Vargas                                                               Brian Kreutzkamp 

December 1, 2004

Dear Athletes and Parents:

The 2004/05 Winter Session is now FULL. You are welcome to fill out the Registration Form and be placed on our Waiting List.
Thank you for your interest in Stanford Water Polo Club 

November 14, 2004


Dear Athletes and Parents:

Our winter session will begin Monday, December 6th and end Sunday, February 6th.  To ensure the highest quality of our program, we will be limiting the number of participants in each practice group.  They will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.  The enrollment period will close on Wednesday, December 1st, so please complete the application at your earliest convenience to secure a place on the team.  There is a $50 late fee for applications received after December 1st.  Workout groups will be posted on the website on Friday, December 3rd.

A two-week free trial period is available for those new to the club.

Registration must be filled out online (click here for Registration Form).   If you need assistance, please email  You will be able to print out signature pages that must be submitted with your check.  The cost of the winter session for HS I & II is $290, Age Group $290, and Beginner $200.  Siblings are $30 less than the regular fee.

Practice times are posted on the "Practices & Schedules" page. Open Scrimmage Night for all groups except Beginners will be 6:15pm – 8:00pm on Fridays.

There will not be practice December 20th – January 3rd.  All practices will be at Avery Aquatic Center, Stanford University.

We are launching our winter session team clothing line. The online catalog is now available on our website. The final date for ordering team clothing is December 1st.

We have an area on the registration form for those of you who would like to contribute to a scholarship fund that would help an athlete participate in our program but might not be able to due to financial hardship.  This donation would be tax-deductible.

See you at the pool!

John Vargas
Head Coach
Stanford Men’s Water Polo
Brian Kreutzkamp
Assistant Coach
Stanford Men’s Water Polo

November 10, 2004

Dear Athletes and Families:

It was great to see such a large, enthusiatic group at Sunday's special club event.   A good time was had by all!

We have some important announcements on upcoming events:

1.  Big Game this Saturday vs. Cal at 11:30am in the Avery Aquatic Stadium Pool.  Fourth-ranked Cal will travel to second-ranked Stanford for an MPSF match against its Bay Area rival.  You won't want to miss the fierce battle between these two potent teams.  Also, Saturday is Senior Day as it is the last regular-season home game and all five graduating Seniors will be honored.  Please don't forget to wear your Stanford gear (if you don't have any, please stop by the Team Shop booth at the entrance gate)! 

2.  On-line Winter Registration will commence this Sunday, November 14th.  The practice dates and tentative competition schedule are posted on the website Club Calendar.  If you are a first-time athlete to our club you may take advantage of a two-week trial period.  See registration page for details.

3.  We have launched our Winter Session Clothing line and it's available now!  Please check out the updated Team Shop on the club website at  We have added:

Mesh Workout Shorts - Black
GildanTM Sweatpants - Black
TimberlineTM Fleece Vest - Black
Timberline TM Fleece Jacket - Black
(all bearing our club logo and available in
Men’s S, M, L, and XL sizes)

These would make wonderful holiday gifts!  We also now carry our gray logo t-shirt in youth sizes for all those up and coming water polo players.  The Team Shop will be at all remaining Stanford home games and upcoming MPSF and NCAA tournaments.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me at

Joanne Harmon